Programs and Events


  • We have raised funds to help design and construct a new spillway on Washington Pond.
  • We support the "Get Out the Lead Fishing Tackle" exchange program.
  • We sponsor certified monitoring for lake quality and invasive plant infestation.
  • We support restoring alewife migration routes along Medomak Brook to allow alewife access to Washington Pond in accordance with the Lloyd Davis Trust and Maine Dept. of Marine Resources.
  • We present public programs, speakers and seminars on lake management, water conservation and safety issues, the local aquatic environment, and marine matters in general.
  • We have an on-going relationship with Prescott Memorial School (K-6) in Washington and sponsor an enrichment activity each year to complement the curriculum.
  • We participate in Washington community events and hold an annual meeting for members and friends. To receive an e-mail announcement of our programs and to get more information about WLWA, send your e-mail address and phone number to:
    WLWA, PO Box 373, Washington, ME 04574
  • We are members of the Maine Congress of Lakes Association, Maine Volunteer Lakes Monitoring, and Medomak Valley Land Trust.