Open Letter to Property Owners and Lakes Association Members

Dear Friends of Washington Lakes,

We’re writing to ask you to join the Washington Lakes Watershed Association (WLWA). The watershed includes all the areas from which water (clean or polluted) drains into our waters – Washington Pond, Crystal Lake, Medomak Stream and several others. We work to:

  • engage all Washington residents and property owners in good care and conservation of our watershed
  • keep dangerous plants and animals from invading our lakes and waterways
  • learn about and support local water resources 
  • participate education and training opportunities offered by Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program,  Maine Congress of Lake Associations, and others
  • sponsor events that interest and inform our community about good management of watershed property
  • build an aware and active association of people committed to conservation of the Washington Lakes Watershed

Washington Pond and Crystal Lake are susceptible to the increasing threats being experienced all over the state by invasives such as milfoil, hydrilla, and, didymo – an algae commonly called “rock snot.”  So far, we hope none of these lurk in our lakes. We hope, but until we have enough volunteers who are qualified to identify them – we really don’t know. We need to increase our vigilance, especially since hydrilla is, again, as close as Davis Stream and Damariscotta Lake. We need to prevent damage to the high quality of our lakes.

Are you willing take responsibility with us and learn the skills to distinguish the invaders? Would you enroll in a FREE Invasive Plant Patrol Workshop (IPP) if we schedule one?  Maybe you would notice one of these threats while on a paddle, or taking a swim. You can find more information about the IPP programs, at  And, let us know if you would attend.

WLWA membership supports local educational programs, lake water quality testing (done by lake scientist, Scott Williams), guided paddles on the lake, future lake monitoring trainings, other timely projects and our annual meetings that take place annually in July.

The awareness and support of the Washington Community – shoreland zone and watershed residents – is vital to the continuing success of our lake association. Washington Lakes Watershed Association membership is only $15 a year for individuals and $25 for families.  Membership runs from January thru December.

Please join us and become a member today.  Thank you!

Washington Lakes Watershed Association
Sharon Turner, President

Leann Diehl, Secretary

Charlotte Henderson, Treasurer